$75 Per session including quick facial cleanser & Vita C

This session will take 30-40 mins

Facial Lifting

Facial Vacuum RF Module

B-Lifting is a 2-in-1 skin tightening hand-piece for face, neck and decollete area. This module utilizes both: RF and Vacuum, that can be used simultaneously or as two separate treatments.

Synergy of RF and Vacuum tightens the fundamental building blocks of the skin- elastin and collagen fibers.

RadioFrequency also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid with no pain and no downtime.

Vacuum improves healthy skin glow and eliminates puffiness and dark circles.

The benefits of the F-Lifting mode:

Tightening of sagging skin

Reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Accelerated cell turnover

Reduces puffiness and pigmentations.

Facial Hydrating

Facial EMS Meso Module

B-Lifting is a 2-in-1 skin hydrating and muscle toning hand-piece for face, neck and decollete area. This module utilizes: EMS and Needle Free Mesotherapy.

1. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Gentle pulses of electrical current travel through the skin and stimulate natural muscle contractions, that leads to straitening the muscles and contouring the facial silhouette.

2. Needle Free Mesotherapy is an advanced treatment method that utilizes electrical current to infuse skin with serums, that penetrate deep into the dermal layers.

Synergy of EMS and Mesotherapy boosts healthy skin tone and elasticity.