$75 Each session 

This session will take 30-40 mins


 Ultra Cavitation Module

B-Slimming utilizes the power of low frequency ultrasound waves, that gently penetrates into fatty cells and disrupt its cellular membranes from inside.

This ultrasound power causes the collapse in the fatty cells, so then the liquid content of the disrupted cell is released into the intracellular space.

As soon as certain amount of adipocytes is destroyed, the waste of fatty acids and remaining of ruptured membranes will be excreted with the lymphatic flow.

The majority of clients can see the slimming results after the each Ultra Cavitation session.


 Vacuum RF Module

B-Shaping is a unique hand-piece, created for body contouring and sculpting. It is is synergy of two technologies that can be used simultaneously or as two separate features.

1. Six - Polar RF- RadioFrequency.

RF utilizes the power of gentle electrical current pulses that stimulate intra-dermal heating. The heat created by RF initiates a cascade of rejuvenating processes in the skin. As a result collagen production increases that leads to skin tightening and firming.

2. Vacuum Skin Toning.

At the same time vacuum applicator creates negative pressure and pulls the skin into the hand-piece. Vacuum accelerates both: blood and lymph flow, that increases skin elasticity and significantly reduces the cellulite appearance.

The synergy of RF and Vacuum smooths the skin, flashing the toxins and waste products with the lymph flow.